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Spaz on mental Health

with Rhonda Spaziani, lpc

Spaz on Mental Health, with host Rhonda Spaziani, focuses on health and living well. She has found that health doesn’t have to be about abstinence and denial, but can come from enjoying the finer things and moments in life with a vibrant, physical pleasure.

The concepts of health psychology provide the foundation for a variety of topics, which range from the health benefits of drinking wine, to sleeping in, to taking leisurely strolls with your dog, to relaxation techniques, to delicious food, to great sheets (we think you get the picture). So let’s all Spaz on Health in 2017!

Rhonda Spaziani is a licensed professional counselor, owner of Spaziani Therapy, an adjunct instructor of psychology, and a Director of Student Programs at Three Rivers Community College. Learn more about Rhonda at


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