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Spaz on wine, uncorked!


Spaz on Wine, Uncorked

Explores a wide array of wine topics for the novice and aficionado alike. Spaz on Wine, Uncorked illuminates the mysteries and complexities of wine in fun and engaging 10 minute audio lessons, stories, and interviews. Tune into each episode and enjoy the accompanying blog on to improve your wine groove!

Rhonda Spaziani grew up in an Italian-American family where wine was poured at Sunday dinners, holidays, and whenever a visitor came to the door. Her father, Eugene Spaziani, is a renowned wine maker, columnist, connoisseur, educator, author, and frequent guest of Spaz on Wine, Uncorked. Rhonda is the Co-Chair of the Eastern Connecticut Chapter of the American Wine Society and the host of Spaz on Wine, Uncorked with the hopes of encouraging the love of wine in a joyful, exploratory, and celebratory manner. Saluté!

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